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This post is entirely dedicated to Samsung Galaxy Note 4. We’re rounding up all the facts about the note 4, including specification and features of note 4. All the techies have put note 4 at foremost on the most awaited phones of year 2014. We’ll be updating this post on a regular basis after release and make you aware about all the official statement coming from trusted sources relating to future add-ons and apps.

There were initially hundreds of rumors about Note 4. This has led to some confusion with people mixing up the facts from these rumors.

The back of the Galaxy 4:

This article will give you a fair idea about all the things given below

Basic Information Galaxy Note 4

Release Date of Note 4

Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Specification & Features of Note 4

Images & Prototype of Note 4

About Note 4

Ever since the launch of galaxy note 3, gadget geeks have already started inquiring about Galaxy Note 4. Note 3 sales have already crossed 12 Million within 2 months. That’s why smartphone users are expecting even more from this Phablet than the other smartphones. Even though it’s been just 2 months since the note 3 launched but Samsung lovers have already started asking questions like, “when is the galaxy note 4 coming out?”and Many more.

Samsung CEO Kwon Oh Hyun has already said that, Note 4 will be even better than note 3. When everyone is comparing note 3 with iPhone 5S, we can assume that the competition for Note 4 will not be that easy, especially when other players like LG, HTC and Sony are also trying to enter in this segment. The note series has come very far even since the inception in 2011 and all previous version have been incredibly successful.

Rumours about Galaxy Note 4 are at its peak, and few high authority blogs like engadet, techcrunch have already speculated that Note 4 will come with AMOLED Screen. Don’t be surprised at all if it comes with PLS LCD Screen. It is quite obvious that Samsung Note 4 will come with multiple versions like, with and without dual sim, with LTE and 3G.

Release Date of Note 4

Samsung Note Series release date has been quite predictable. If we look at the launch date of the previous note series mobiles, all of them have been released in the month of August to September. So, Samsung galaxy note 4 was expected to hit in the market September 2014. We now know however that it will release one month later, October 17th.

Let’s take a look at the release date of previous smartphones in note series.

• Release date of Samsung N7000 Galaxy Note– October 2011, two years ago

• Samsung galaxy note 2 n7100 release date – 26 September 2012

• Galaxy Note 3 release date –September 25 2013

• Galaxy Note 4 in US – October 17th, 2014

Since, Galaxy S5 is about to be released in within a month or two. So, we can expect that Samsung Electronics will be solely focusing on note 4 once the galaxy s5 is out. Samsung biggest competitor in android phablet market is, “Apple”. IPhone 6S is expected to hit the market till June next year. So don’t be shocked if note 4 comes before October next year. When everyone was thinking the March release of galaxy s5, and now we hear that it is coming in January as a New Year surprise.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Price

The note 4 has quite a few things more to offer than previous iterations. This is part of the reason why we anticipated this device to cost quite a bit more that its predecessor the price of note 4 will be 825 dollars. You can however pick up a contract from At&T for 299 dollars. The Note 3 was priced at $632.99 on eBay in US, and it is priced around 43000 in India. With more and more people opting for large screen phablet, we knoew it would be a challenge for Samsung to keep the note under $750. Without a doubt, Samsung is still the first choice among the smartphones users, but the scenario has changed in last 4 years or so. Mobile manufacturers like Sony, HTC, LG and even Nokia is targeting the same customers by launching phablet like Xperia Z1, HTC One Max.

Expected Price of Note 4 in Various Countries

In US – 825$

In India – Above 45,000 Rs.

In UAE – around 2200 AED

In UK – £600.00

Specification of Note 4 -(Rumors Of Course)

1.            Body: From various different sources, note 4 may be the first Samsung smartphone with aluminum back.

2.         Size and Resolution: -Smartphones users and fans are expecting a bigger screen size this time than note 3 which has a 5.7 inches screen. Nothing can be said this time, but rumours suggest that it would have a display of 5.9 inch along with the 2160 px display (2K resolution).

3.           RAM: Almost Confirmed: It has to be at least 4 GB RAM and if Samsung does the same, it will be great user experience to play games and run apps on note 4. Keeping note 3 in mind which has a 3GB RAM, note 4 will come with 4GB RAM.

4.           Camera: Galaxy Note 4 would be most probably feature the 20.7 MP rear Camera with 5K video recording, LED flash, ISOCELL sensor and F2.2 31mm lens. 5 MP front Camera.

5.            Battery: 3600mAh battery

6.            Storage: 128GB on the card this time.

7.            Other:  4G, USB 3.0, Bluetooth (4.1)

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With all the above features, Note 4 is going to be one of the best smartphones in year 2014.

Note 4 Images



Lot has been already said, and rumours about note 4 will keep on floating till any official confirmation from Samsung. Samsung lovers are hoping that it will not have IPS LCD screen. It may become one of the few phones with wireless charging facility.

If you can’t wait for note 4, these are the few alternatives which might interest you.

Note 3 ,Galaxy S4 (launched), Galaxy S5 (launching this January), IPhone 5S , HTC One Max

Note 4 Confirmed specs – update Jul-01-2014

As we enter the Summer nearing the expected Fall released, there have been quite a few confirmations on previous rumors. In addition, many previous rumors new hold a lot more weight than they did a few months ago. So many people are excited about the note 4, and naturally, people are poking questions and pushing on the Samsung guys to give any little pieces of information. Here’s what we’ve learned:

  • 1. 3200 mAh Battery
  • 2. Dimensions -5.78 x 3.27 x 0.38 inches
  • 3. Weight – 6.28 oz (178 g)
  • 4. 128 GB hardrive / 4gb ram
  • 5. 16 MP camera / Dual Shot, Simultaneous HD video and image recording, touch focus, geo-tagging, face and smile detection, image stabilization, panorama, HDR
  • 6. Display 1440 x 2560 pixels, 5.7 inches – 515 ppi pixel density
  • 7. GPU Adreno 420 (SM-N910S)
    Mali-T760 (SM-N910C)

What is the craziest rumor you have heard so far? Write in Comments.